BATAM, SURYAKEPRI.COM – Batam City Police officers summoned both online taxis and conventional taxis related to the dispute at Mega Mall, Batam Center, Wednesday (01/15/2020) afternoon.

Police conduct mediation related to passenger pickup issues.

“We are mediating between these two taxis. No one was secured, “said AKP Restia Octane Guci, Batam City Police Chief, Wednesday (1/15/2020).

Guci explained, the mediation was carried out so that the two parties did not re-make a fuss and disrupt the security condition of the City of Batam, so it needed a middle way.

“We ask the Batam City Government to immediately resolve this problem, because the commotion happened in Batam City,” he said.

Guci continued, although the problem of taxis is in the provincial domain, the problem is in Batam City. Batam Mayor should have a big role related to this problem.

“Nevertheless, to maintain security conduciveness, we continue to secure in this issue,” said Guci.