– A representative taxi base agreement with an online taxi, allows online taxis to operate. However, the pickup point is regulated and may not be arbitrary. One of the online taxi pick-up points agreed by both parties is in front of the gate of Hang Nadim International Airport.

From the observation of Batam Pos on Tuesday (1/29/2019), there was not one person who took an online taxi in the designated area. And also there is no online taxi waiting for passengers.

Regarding this agreement, Director of the Hang Nadim Airport Business Unit, Suwarso, said he knew the rumor.

“I knew it from the flyer. But whether this is official or not, I don’t know yet, “he said, Tuesday (1/29/2019).

He said he had asked this to the taxi drivers base at Hang Nadim. However, answers are given by various taxi drivers.

“Some of them already know, some have not yet known, some have agreed. So it’s confused, “he said.

Will Hang Nadim make new rules, after an online taxi agreement with the base? Suwarso said that he still could not decide, because there was no official letter from any party sent to Hang Nadim.

“We need certainty. Allowed or not. If possible, anywhere. That’s all, “he said.

Suwarso said that he had been waiting for certain rules so far regarding the existence of online taxis. “During this time I also allowed why online taxis take passengers to the airport. But picking up is not allowed. “Well, we just wait for the official rules,” he concluded.