, Jakarta – Olla Ramlan, recently experienced an accident.
When crossing the HI roundabout area, the woman’s car that is now veiled was hit by an online taxi.

It was told by Olla Ramlan assistant, on her Instagram account, Wednesday (09/18/2019). She also uploaded a photo of money and a National Identity Card (KTP).

“Sharing a little of the story behind this photo is a huge lesson we can take. So yesterday I went to Grand Indonesia to accompany @ollaramlanaufar shooting. And right at the HI roundabout there was an incident, the car was hit by a Grab driver, “wrote assistant Olla Ramlan, opening the story.

Olla Ramlan is grateful, the driver is directly responsible for providing a KTP as collateral.

“Thank God, not yet asked for responsibility, the grab driver directly said that he wanted to be responsible for whatever costs he had to pay. In short, he submitted his ID card as a guarantee and 200 thousand in cash because at that time he only held that much and that was to catch up. deposit and he promised to pay in installments immediately, “she continued.


Olla Ramlan (Foto: Instagram/@mini_saputri)

Olla Ramlan (Foto: Instagram/@mini_saputri)

Olla Ramlan, moved to see the driver’s honesty. Then she called to meet her.

“Being silent does not mean that we are happy to be given money but because we are touched by his honesty,” she continued.

Return the ID card and the money

Olla Ramlan dan Mini Saputri
Olla Ramlan and Mini Saputri (Source: Instagram / mini_saputri)

Unexpectedly, Olla Ramlan’s desire to meet the driver was not to scold him. But to return the ID Card and the money that was given to her by the man before.

“Not to ask for responsibility, but only to return the money and ID card and she gave a bonus of a certain amount of money for him because he was used to being honest and admitted to his mistakes #MASYAALLAH,” she concluded.