This incident caused her privacy to be disturbed. – Online transportation services in recent times is very popular, not least from the artist. But an unpleasant incident has just happened to Maria Ozawa after using an online motorcycle taxi service.

Through his social media account, Maria Ozawa burst out anger after her private telephone number was contacted by a stranger. Apparently the driver ojek online that spread the number.

“What’s with #uberdrivers? You give your customer’s number to your friends or other customers !?” wrote the ex-Japanese hot movie star.

photo: facebook / @ ozawamariaaa

Maria Ozawa said, because of this incident he was forced to change his contact name repeatedly for the sake of privacy. Women who are familiarly called Miyabi is also admitted this uncomfortable event is not the first time it happened to him.

“I changed my name to protect privacy, but it still happens and this is not the first time I blocked the number from uber / grab,” he continued.

Source Andry Trysandy Mahany