PEKANBARU – The clash between online drivers (gojek) with conventional taxi drivers at SKA Mal intersection is quite horrendous to the public. Land Transportation Organization (Organda) Pekanbaru City noted, there are nine units of taxis damaged in the incident.

In addition, there are also three taxi drivers injured in the incident of clashes with transport online, Sunday, August 20, 2017 tonight.

“There are nine broken taxis (with damage reaching) 40 percent, we expect law enforcement officials to take firm action against the perpetrators,” said Secretary of the Organda Pekanbaru Branch (DPC) Agus Sikumbang in Pekanbaru on Monday.

For that, Agus asked Pekanbaru Municipal Government to be able to bridge the online carrier companies to be responsible and fix all damages and losses incurred.

Related to three injured taxi drivers, he made sure that their condition has improved. “Three people (the condition has improved), not hospitalized,” he said.

Clash between conventional taxi drivers and online transport broke out at Simpang Mall SKA, Pekanbaru City, last Sunday night. The gripping atmosphere is clearly visible in the action, in which a number of online transport drivers jointed Go Jek damage and beat the taxi driver.

The clash incident is currently in the process of police investigation. After the clash, this morning hundreds of taxi drivers staged a rally in front of the mayor’s office of Pekanbaru.

In the action, they took all the taxis that were damaged. From the Antara observation, the damage to the taxi majority occurred on broken glass. In addition, a number of car lights also appear to be destroyed.

Furthermore, Agus said that today all conventional taxi trucks will return to normal operation after having stopped operating the night before.

“We are operating normally today but our demands are that the government will be strictly investigating and handling this online transport,” he explained.