JAKARTA – DPR Chief Bambang Soesatyo called on the National Police to increase supervision of online transportation because of the rampant crime in the transportation mode. In this case, the safety of passengers as a user becomes the main.

He also encouraged the National Police to form a special team to be able to conduct intensive supervision of the application-based transportation.

“Considering online drivers is part of the community that must be responsible for creating security and order,” he told reporters on Sunday (4/29/2018).

To providers of application-based transportation services or online taxis and motorbikes, the man who is familiarly called Bamsoet also emphasized to provide security for passengers. He revealed it was in response to public concerns over the actions of confinement and robbery that took place in online taxis.

One of them, experienced by 24-year-old women in West Jakarta. The woman was held captive even almost raped by an online taxi driver. The culprit, continued Bamsoet, must be dealt with firmly.

The head of the DPR set in the Golkar Party asked the House of Representatives Commission V to call on the Ministry of Transportation, the online transportation company and the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI). This is to jointly review and explain criminal cases that have occurred, especially in online transportation.

The Ministry of Transportation, he continued, also needs to urge online transportation companies to provide accountability to victims and implement the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) Regulation Number PM 46 of 2014 concerning Minimum Service Standards for People Transportation with Public Vehicles Not in Route. The regulation clearly stipulates the safety standards for taxis.

“The Ministry of Transportation must force all online transportation companies to have security procedures and clear protection for consumers as an effort to anticipate criminal acts, as well as tighten driver requirements both in terms of administration and driver’s physical and mental condition, considering that every citizen is the government’s responsibility,” he said.

According to him, there is also a need for a security notification system that can be immediately known by application providers and the general public when there are online taxi drivers trying to commit crimes. “This is for the sake of minimizing similar incidents that happen again,” he concluded.