Hilmi Syamsir

Hilmi Syamsir domiciled in the city of Bogor West Java, man born September 30, 1975 is a hard worker, he really likes to work outdoors. So at the time of opening the opportunity to work as an online taxi driver he was very interested to find out how to be able to join. As the background of previous work Hilmi often drives the car, so he is very confident and competent to become an online taxi driver. His strong determination did not hinder him to try, though obstacles have not a car Hilmi tried to find a solution. Can he information about Frasindo a rental company that provides excellent transportation fleet.

Arriving at Frasindo Hilmi directly convey his intent and process the application he submitted, then Hilmi escaped the interview and entered the next stage to sign a cooperation contract. A moment later the online taxi account was active and Hilmi immediately enrolled in and took his first order.

Friendly service and always prioritizing safety to be Hilmi’s strategy to satisfy customers, so no wonder at this time the title of the five-star online taxi driver is pinned on him.

He is a cheerful figure in doing day-to-day activities, a sociable person in friendship, he is a reliable head of the family



Hilmi was once a good driver, until FAIS (administrator that working for frasindo messed-up), Hilmi use the rental fee for his own personal expenses, because FAIS never invoice him, until it is already to much, and not easy to pay back.


(we fired FAIS because of this https://www.frasindo.com/media/faishal-arsyad-shaib/ )

CEO found-out late but his debt is already to much build-up, Hilmi was asked to return the car, and he promise to pay, he sign an agreement to pay


until hes debt are paid-off we put him on crime-list, and potentially brought to court