, Denpasar – In various parts of the world, ghosts are the most popular creatures told. Parents, teenagers and children are so fond of hearing ghost stories. Whether in developing countries and developed countries, ghosts are still believed in various forms.

Although frightening, but the story of the ghost always attract our curiosity. Whether or not related, but over the times, there is also a ghost story that is actively involved in high-tech activities.

One is the ghost story of ordering food through an online ojek based smartphone application technology. Whether the ghosts are adapting to the technological advancements of the human world or another, certainly the story is true and real.

Already thousands of people he inter from one location to another. He also diligently accepts orders ordered food customers through online applications. Friday night, as usual Gus Pur hung around Denpasar.

When the middle of fun to chat with his fellow drivers online motorcycle taxi, suddenly the application on his handphonenya indicate the existence of food orders. Quick as a flash he sambar his handphone. One touch only, order noodles around the bunderan Teuku Umar he received.

For an hour he stood in line for the famous super-spicy noodle order. Whether by chance or not, the name of the restaurant customers ordered using the name of a large grave in Tanah Abang area, Central Jakarta.

After the order is ready, he then spur his motorcycle to the customer’s address located on the third floor of a shopping mall number 217 beside Tegal Terminal, Imam Bonjol, Denpasar.

Gus Pur is not at all suspicious. He kept paying attention to the folders in his mobile phone app. He was shocked when the app leads into the Tegal cemetery located next to the terminal.

“The order is requested to be escorted to the 217th floor of the 3rd floor of Tegal Terminal, but the direction of my map goes into the cemetery.I try another way, but the direction also still leads to the grave,” said Gus Pur to

Souce, Sunday (19 / 11/2017).