TRIBUNMADURA.COM, MOJOKERTO – Hundreds of Gocar online taxi drivers came to the Mojokerto Branch Gojek office, Tuesday afternoon (11/26/2019), which is located at Jalan Raya Jabon Ruko Ruko Selatan Terminal Kertajaya, Mojoanyar District, Mojokerto Regency.

The Gocar online taxi drivers protested the decline in incentives from Rp. 260,000 to Rp. 65,000.

Field monitoring, hundreds of online taxi drivers from Gocar began the rally by conveying a number of demands in front of the Gojek office.

The mass also unfurled banners that written “Without Us, Gocar = Zero”, “Really I Feel Anxiously Chased by Installments”, and up to “Without Nadiem Makarim Gojek Is Inhuman,” and various other protest writings.

With strict guarding from a number of Mojokerto District Police officers, the masses took turns expressing their complaints and demands.

Starting from work activities to the cost of living needs.

Karangan bunga duka cita yang dibawa ratusan Driver Taksi Online Gocar saat menggelar aksi menuntut kenaikan insentif ke manajemen gojek di kantor Gojek Cabang Mojokerto, Selasa (26/11/2019).
Condolence wreaths brought by hundreds of Gocar Online Taxi Drivers when holding the action demanded an increase in incentives to Gojek management at the Gojek branch office in Mojokerto, Tuesday (11/26/2019). (TRIBUNMADURA / FEBRIANTO RAMADANI)

In addition to giving speeches, Gocar’s online taxi drivers also brought a bouquet of flowers with their condolences written on the death of Gojek management in the Mojokerto area.

Not enough with that, the masses then held theatrical and prayers, collected their smartphones and put the smartphones on the road where they staged the action.

Fahmi (35), one of Gocar’s online taxi drivers in Mojokerto said, besides demanding an increase in incentives, Gocar’s online taxi drivers also demanded the management of Gojek to immediately return the accounts of the drivers who experienced partner breakups.

“Whereas the Goride partner received an investment of Rp 80,000.

We are also demanding an increase in the price of online taxi drivers clearly , “he said, Tuesday (11/26/2019).

Fahmi assessed that the Rp 65,000 incentive was not enough for Gocar online taxi drivers.

Because the costs incurred by Gocar online taxi drivers are quite a lot.

Starting from car installments, fuel, food, to living expenses for his family.

“Previous, Gojek has promised to provide an incentive of Rp. 400,000 then dropped to Rp. 300,000. Then it goes down again IDR 260,000.

The decline in incentives was not a problem for us because it was enough for the family at that time.

But half a month later the incentive dropped again to Rp 65,000 a day for 17 passengers. This is inhuman, “Fahmi explained.

Ratusan Driver Taksi Online Gocar saat menggelar salat gaib ketika menuntut kenaikan insentif ke manajemen gojek di kantor Gojek Cabang Mojokerto, Selasa (26/11/2019).
Hundreds of Gocar Online Taxi Drivers when holding prayers when demanding an increase in incentives to gojek management at the Mojokerto Branch Gojek office, Tuesday (11/26/2019). (TRIBUNMADURA / FEBRIANTO RAMADANI)

The same thing was expressed by Ilham Bagus (30), another Gocar online taxi driver.

According to him, everyday he relies heavily on the incentive of Rp. 260 thousand from Gojek.

While the cost of each passenger is only Rp 9,400 for a single transport with a distance of 2 km and below.

The transportation fee increases Rp 4,000 per 1 km.

“If the incentive drops to Rp 65 thousand, we lose Rp 42 thousand a day.

The biggest expenditure for gasoline is Rp. 100,000 and meals Rp. 50,000
in a day.

That does not include other expenses, “he explained.

Unfortunately, the representative negotiations between Gocar’s online taxi driver representatives and Gojek management in Mojokerto were deadlocked.

The masses finally continued their action to the Mojokerto Regency DPRD office.

Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Nadiem Makarim sebelum pelantikan menteri-menteri Kabinet Indonesia Maju di Istana Negara, Jakarta, Rabu (23/10/2019).
Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim before the inauguration of the ministers Cabinet Indonesian Goes Forward at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/23/2019). (KOMPAS.COM/KRISTIANTO PURNOMO)

Escorted by police, the mass of online taxi drivers Gocar convoy using their cars headed to the Council office on Jalan A Yani, Mojokerto.

The online taxi driver convoy snaking along the road to the Mojokerto Regency DPRD office.

And so it made the traffic flow between Surabaya-Jombang and Mojokerto-Pasuruan at the intersection of 5 Kenanten, had jammed.

To the Commission IV of the Mojokerto Regency DPRD, the online taxi driver Gocar conveyed the same demand.

They also asked the members of the Council to help solve this problem.

Meanwhile, Gojek Mojokerto’s management is not willing to give comment to the journalists.

GoCar Drivers Felt Cheated By Gojek

Meanwhile, quoting from, on October 8, 2019, the action of hundreds of Gocar online taxi drivers also took place in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Hundreds of Gocar online taxi drivers are demonstrating in the name of Palembang Online Driver Movement (Gedor).

They felt they had been cheated by the leadership of PT Gojek Indonesia Palembang on the stamp duty.

This was said by the protesters at the first demonstration so they demanded their rights.

“We felt cheated at the meeting yesterday, who signed the stamp said that he wanted to resolve about 50 percent incentives before on the 7th yesterday.

But in fact on these 2 days it went down. We give them choices, return the incentive or leave the city of Bumi Sriwijaya, “said Orator, Tuesday (8/2910/2019)

He added As a result of this decline, the demonstrators usually get 300,00 now it is 150,000. And there is no choice

Action Coordinator, Dedi Kurniawan said that the impact of the decline in incentives, the drivers did not penetrate the target and the order is decreasing and the last 2 days after it was inaugurated they are forced to live it.

“Our Friends have no choice they are forced to go through and the order is quiet and the target is never achieved.

“On average, only 13 points out of 18 points were announced,” he stressed.