DENPASAR, – Hundreds of online taxi drivers came to the Grab Office in Denpasar, Bali. Their arrival was to request an explanation for the unilateral termination of GrabCar airport (GrabCar Airport DPS) services.

“Yes, so our arrival is to demand that our services have been cut off. There are 200 drivers demanding accountability from the Grab because suddenly the service was cut off unilaterally, and now mediation has been carried out as demanded by friends, ” said the representative of an online taxi driver, I Wayan Sugiartana, at the Grab Bali office on Friday (01/10/2020).

Wayan admitted that he did not yet know for sure about the unilateral termination. Currently, his party is waiting for official confirmation from Grab Bali to reactivate the GrabCar Airport DPS service.

According to him, the problem of the unilateral termination was only discovered by the drivers at 06.30 WITA this morning. Because of this, hundreds of taxi drivers who were members of the Lesser Sunda Regiment cooperative (SSR) cooperative decided to request an explanation from Grab.

Meanwhile, after conducting mediation for around three hours, Grab Bali confirmed that the Grab Airport service in Denpasar has been resurrected. This can be done as a result of collaboration with the IT Team from the Grab head office.

“Actually, SSR friends came because they expressed their aspirations, not demonstrations, because they knew the Grab office was here, and mediated well,” said Grab Bali Branch Head, Kresno Wibowo.

He said, Grab Bali did not know about the termination. According to him, the termination did not originate from the Bali Grab Office.

He explained, there were several teams that were operationally different, both the operational team that handles at airports throughout Indonesia and the regular operational team in Bali.

However, he ensured that the problem was now over. Next, a meeting will be held with the parties who can make a decision regarding this matter.

“What is certain is that Grab has turned it off, but who is it and because of what, yes I do not know yet, so I have to check it first. Because maybe it’s not from the center, but from another team. What’s important today,
it is already clear, “he said.