PALEMBANG, – The hunt for the perpetrators of the murder of Sofyan (45), an online taxi driver, is now still being carried out by the special team of the South Sumatra Regional Police.

In fact, the special team conducted sweeping in the mountainous area to look for the existence of Akbar (31), one of the perpetrators who was still a fugitive officer.

Head of Subdistrict III of Jatanras, Directorate General of Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) of South Sumatra Regional Police AKBP Yudhi Suharyadi, said that Akbar’s movements continued to be monitored by officers. In fact, the perpetrators always move places making it difficult for the police when making arrests.

“It is monitored in the mountainous area, it is always moving. Now it is still being pursued,” Yudhi said when confirmed on Wednesday (12/19/2018).

Yudhi said, the perpetrators will continue to be pursued until caught, according to strict instructions from the South Sumatra Regional Police Chief. Even the special team has mapped the area which is suspected to be Akbar’s hiding place.

“We will be caught, we will continue to pursue,” he said.

The North Sumatra Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Zulkarnain Adinegara stressed, they appealed for Akbar to surrender before the violence was given. He also said that all online taxi drivers who had been fugitive before were given strong shots to death.

“Wherever they run, they must be caught. Better to surrender, in 2016, the fugitive perpetrators with the same case were also arrested, obviously I will not hesitate to give action, if the suspect does not want to surrender,” said the two star general.

Previously reported, the murder case of an online taxi driver, Sofyan (45) was revealed after the family reported if the victim disappeared after delivering passengers.

Sofyan’s body was finally found in the bones of North Musirawas, after officers arrested Ridwan (45), one of the suspects. From the arrests, two other actors namely Acundra (21) and FR (16) immediately surrendered for fear of being shot.

Whereas FR in this case, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, because it is still in the category of underage children. Ridwan and Acundra will go to trial in the near future.