Grand Avega is one of the new products produced by South Korean automaker, Hyundai. Previously, the company is quite large share in Indonesia has a car similar specs, namely Hyundai Avega. Development carried out Hyundai increasingly qualifying cars launched first in 2011 this. The main difference between the Hyundai Grand Avega and Hyundai Avega is the mid-size hatchback design that is ready to compete on the Toyota Yaris, Mazda2, Jazz GE8, Nissan Livina and KIA Rio levels. As the 4th generation of the Accent family, Hyundai Grand Avega has a different liftback version with an up-to-date design of fluidic sculpture systems, new engines, advanced technology and features that prioritize ride comfort.


The exterior of the car is designed with a sturdy body, but very practical size that is suitable for urban street conditions. With practical dimensions, the Hyundai Grand Avega retains a super elite exterior. The combination of elegant color combinations and dimensions of 4.115 x 1.700 x 1.475 mm makes the rider feel comfortable on the way in the jammed urban areas. Impressive aerodynamic look sporty still be used by drivers of various ages. Luxurious-looking color is an accent caused by the use of fluidic sculpture body typical of Hyundai newly applied to some type of output such as Tucson, Sonata, and Elantra latest.

Hyundai company still maintains the distinctive sporty design of Avega in the 4th generation Accent. Hyundai Avega exterior design is predominantly sporty character. When compared with other hatchabck type car, Hyundai Grand Avega has a lower body size with a tiny lamp design. Hacthback type car front view is supported by the capacity of headlamp and foglamp with a special design taper to the rear. In detail, the shape of the Hyundai Grand Avega light looks like a boomerang that is in the bottom corner, flanking the grille front with a parallelogram shape.

Logo H for Hyundai made chromed, and placed in the middle of the grill. Air intake space is located under the H logo to smooth the air circulation in the kitchen runway. On the side, Hyundai Grand Avega has a striking silhouette line to enhance the elegance of a luxurious and modern. From the side, the appearance of a modern hatchback with an attractive body curve looks very elegant. Lay-out side glass Hyundai Grand Avega from front to rear tapered back. Not only that, the side body of this car also has a storied accents, as seen on both doors. When viewed from the line of door pieces and the roof that tends to slope behind, then the sporty and elite accents will feel very attached. With a total of 5 doors, passenger in and out access will be very convenient and practical for any trip. Specifications Hyundai Grand Avega on the stern sector also impressed sporty with the form of a winding rear lights.


In the kitchen sector runway, the Hyundai Grand Avega no longer use the 1.5 liter G4EK engine is commonly used several types of taxis. Now this hachbak car engine embracing Gamma type G4 injection 4 cylinder in line with 16 valve DOHC with a capacity of 1.4 liters. Maximum power up to 108 hp at torque of 6300 rpm and peak torque of 130 Nm at 5000 rpm rotation. Through the procurement of several components of new spare parts, Hyundai Grand Avega can go at a fairly high speed without making a hot engine. Due to the sturdy body supported wheelbase 2570 mm, this car can accommodate up to 5 passengers.

Hyundai Grand Avega’s tread front width is 1.506 mm and 1.511 mm rear tread width. Weight of the car that only 1040 kg really helps the acceleration performance on the road. Not only that 16 inch rim wheel technology wrapped with front-rear tires measuring 195/50 and braking system Disc Brake Vacuum Power Assist on the rear brake can still provide a sense of security on a long journey in all fields. Not only that, this chrome accented hatchback car has a machine specification character ‘start and stop’, so it has a very responsive pull on the engine down dip.


For protection from sudden dangers, Hyundai Grand Avega is equipped with various designs and controls that can ensure passenger safety. Because the room on this sporty car is quite wide, then the security of the air circulation sector is very high. To provide safety and ease of driving, the Hyundai Grand Avega has an LCD panel that will provide ease of control for the driver. Hyundai Avega’s dashboard is filled with speed pointing panels, RPM meter, fuel indicator as well as the headlight indicator, rear lights and sein. Despite having many entertainment features, the security of this car is well preserved. Drivers will still be able to access music and other entertainment with a control system that allows uninterrupted concentration.

On the audio system, Hyundai Grand Avega security carrying the type of control center is located in the middle tedi dashboard. As a prefentive attempt to disturb ultraviolet rays from the front that can interfere with the driver’s vision, Hyundai puts the sunvisor unit on the front of the car. In addition, the rear cabin can also support passenger safety with attention to the placement of the power window control unit in each door. The main advantages of Hyundai Grand Avega in terms of safety is the airbag on the steering wheel and sturdy frame can minimize the risk of a more fatal accident. This type of aerodynamic car also applies technology Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which will prevent the tire locked during hard braking and suddenly so that vehicle rate can still be controlled and will reduce the risk of accident.

Fuel Consumption

With this type of car tank capacity, Hyundai Grand Avega Eco Mode is able to improve the fuel efficiency used. For this type of sporty car, Pertamax-fueled car has a capacity of 43 liters. In addition, Hyundai Grand Avega features a frugal package mode provided by Hyundai by activating on the trip button near the instrument panel, Eco On or Off. In order for the Eco Mode feature to run optimally, the driver should not drive this car aggressively in order to maintain engine performance while making fuel savings. With a variety of comfort and efficient tank capacity, along the way the driver will be like guided by a personal assistant who will give a warning if too pressing the gas pedal too deep.

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