JAKARTA, iNews.id – The Hyundai Ioniq electric car will become the Grab online taxi fleet. A total of 20 units of electric vehicles (EVs) have been ordered by Grab online transportation.

Deputy Marketing Director of PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia, Hendrik Wiradjaja said, The Hyundai Ioniq is marketed to companies (fleets) and private consumers. Currently, this car has already received orders for 20 units from Grab.

“We have already sent some of them, and some of the units are currently under stickers installation. A total of 20 units were ordered by Grab, “he said, to the media in Jakarta, Friday (1/24/2020).

Hendrik explained this electric car has a travel distance of 383 km on a single battery charge. Battery charging takes 6-8 hours, and when using fast charging only takes 55 minutes to reach 80 percent.

In addition to the fleet, private consumers can order an electric car for Rp.569 million off the road. Because the status is CBU, the waiting time (pivot) of Hyundai Ioniq is around three months.

What is the difference between a Hyundai Ioniq fleet and a personal vehicle model. Ioniq for fleet still uses projector lamps with standard interiors. While Ioniq’s private vehicles are all LED lights, the interior is more luxurious and there are some other differences, “Hendrik said.

He said, to support the electric vehicle, Hyundai will build battery charging points at a number of dealers. “We will build battery charging stations in Jabodetabek dealers,” he said.