VIVA – Hyundai was also interested in building a sharing economy in the Southeast Asian market. The South Korean automaker said it will invest in an online motorbike management company, Grab.

Grab, as one of the leading ride-sharing service providers in Southeast Asia will get an injection of investment funds from Hyundai. A Malaysian-like company based in Malaysia is claimed to have 75 percent of the market in Southeast Asia since it was formed in 2012.

Launched by Korea Times, Hyundai said it will build a variety of services based business platform from Grab. It also means Grab and Hyundai will both expand their mobility market in Southeast Asia.

Later, Grab will use Hyundai-made vehicles, Ioniq, for their ride-sharing services in Singapore and some countries in Southeast Asia.

“If the Grab service is combined with our eco-friendly car, the innovation will be brought to the Southeast Asian market.With the combination of world-class technical experts and qualified mobility services, we can be a leader in the world’s market-sharing market,” said Vice President of Hyundai Motor Executive , Chi Young-cho.

Grab also admitted quite happy with this cooperation. Thus, Grab believes it can grow even bigger with strong cooperation with its partners, including Hyundai.

This is apparently not the first time Hyundai jumped into the ride-sharing industry. Previously, Ioniq Hyundai car has also been used as an ojek vehicle online in America.

Korean-German ride-sharing companies have also used Hyundai-made Hydrogen-based vehicles. Even in October last year, Hyundai had launched a ride-sharing service in Amsterdam.

Kia Motor, which is still a flag with Hyundai, launched a car-sharing service called WiBLE in August. The service is available in four countries in Europe. However, Hyundai claimed very interested in working on the Southeast Asian market because of considerable potential.

Source  (Siti Sarifah Alia)