, MAKASSAR – Dozens of people from the Association of Taxi Drivers at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (ASTABAR) protested against the rampant online taxi drivers operating illegally at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport.

One of the management of ASTABAR, Heri (43) explained, the rise of illegal online taxi drivers has the effect of reducing the number of passengers they can transport per day.

“We usually transport up to six passengers per day, but this is only two people per day,” Heri said on Thursday (11/15/2018).

Confirmed separately, the Public Defender Staff of LBH Makassar, Edy Kurniawan who acted as the attorney for ASTABAR explained, online taxi parties should not arbitrarily take passengers inside the airport as regulated by Ministerial Regulation Number 108 of 2017.

“The airport has not implemented an online taxi, it is still manual. So if there are online taxis such as grabs and so on, then it can’t carry passengers inside the airport. Except for delivering passengers, “Edy said.

Moreover, online taxis that are not registered not only harm official taxi drivers, but also harm Angkasa Pura as the airport manager due to the absence of tax collection as applied to official drivers.

Responding to the complaint, Angkasa Pura I mediated with ASTABAR to have an agreement that was expected to be the solution to the problem.

“One point (agreement). Angkasa Pura and the police will discipline illegal online taxis and impose a ticket, “he explained.