Jakarta – While on the highway, road users should be aware if there are several types of vehicles that get priority. The right is not without reason, because it is related to the life of someone or many people, such as ambulances or fire trucks.

But in reality, there are still many road users who are not aware of the associated car rights should take precedence. For example, if an ambulance or fire engine is stuck in a traffic jam, it is still very rare for car users to consciously give way.

Well, the cool action of one of these online motorcycle taxi drivers should be an example of other road users, if there is an ambulance or firefighters stuck on the highway.

In a video uploaded on instagram by this @polantasindonesia account, an online motorcycle taxi driver who escorted an ambulance was shown, opening a path in the middle of a traffic jam.

“Well this is the right, if the intention of aids ambulance, quite like this, do not need to use escorted using private vehicle berotator / bersirine / berstrobo, etc. 😀✌ | Veganvanjaya,” wrote @polantasindonesia as a caption in the post, Monday (1 / 1/2018).

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Source Liputan6.com