Medan: Polrestabes Medan mobilizes all operational vehicles and their members to assist citizens affected by city transportation strikes (angkot). Residents, especially students and workers, who usually use angkot so neglected.

“To help drive the residents due to this massive public angkot strike, we mobilized personnel at some point to take them to their destination,” said Kapolrestabes Medan Kombes Pol Sandi Nugroho, Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

Personnel are also stationed at a number of crossroads to appeal and mengantusipasi sweeping. “To anticipate anarchist actions and the need for thickening of personnel and four-wheeled vehicles to back up the Polrestabes Medan area,” he said.

Thousands of public transportation drivers in Medan, North Sumatra, strike on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. This action as a form of protest to online-based transport applications is still in operation.

Police amongst residents affected by the city transport strike. Photo: Noris

Source Farida Noris