A man allegedly a transport driver online get action persekusi dari sekelompok orang ketika hendak menjemput penumpang di Bandara Adisutjipto Yogyakarta.

The man named F was arrested and stripped naked and publicly displayed in the area of the international airport.

Not yet known motive of the action. But the strong allegations that as a form of protest the taxi drivers who forbid taxi drivers enter online entering Adisutjipto airport area.

Action persekusi it was circulating massively on social networking and reap sharp criticism from netizens. “Nasty really, if a conventional taxi ride at the airport adisutjipto the price is not logged in and mastered cooperative “xxx” “,” write an accounts called anungsita quoted Monday, June 19, 2017.

“Never in Yogyakarta, in Bali aja yesterday pas i use Taxi Online service from Ngurah Rai Airport Bali – Hotel … Along the way Drivernya scared really, he said .. if he always worried if take passengers from the airport, because the Non Taxi Online always spy on even trailing the motion of his suspected car Taxi Online … ”
add account named ratnaptr.

So far since the video was circulated, the local police have admitted to studying and following up on the alleged persecution. “We will follow up the incident,” said Yogyakarta Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Dofiri when contacted VIVA.co.id.

Head of Public Relations of Yogyakarta Police AKBP Pol Yulianto added that this case is handled by Polres Sleman, however until now there has been no copy of the report from the victim or the driver of the online.

“No reports to date,” he said.

From the information collected, this incident allegedly occurred at Adisutjipto Airport Yogyakarta on Sunday, June 18, 2017. At that time, an online taxi driver named F, was about to take passengers in Terminal B but he was later secured by a number of people and forced opened his shirt and displayed in public.