Having a beautiful face does have its own magnetism and magnetism for men. Not infrequently the profession that dilakoni beautiful women do not fit with what is imagined many people.

A woman from Manila, the Philippines, recently became a public conversation, especially the users of social networking. His job as a person sopir taksi online, making it popular on social media.
Reported Viral4real, Sunday (21/4/2017), Joyne Tadeo did not expect if the pictures themselves circulate to viral on the internet. Even the story of himself as a taxi driver online also published Philippine magazine, FHM.

The woman who graduated from BS Psychology previously worked as a medical representative at a pharmaceutical company. However, a male friend who is also an online taxi driver invites him to join applying for a Uber driver.

“I’m a risk taker, I’m always looking for something unusual, when I look at his earnings, that’s what motivates me the most,” Joyne said.

Because of her charming face and appearance, Joyce also often gets praise from the passengers. In fact, some of them even took him taking pictures together.

“Some of my passengers are really surprised every time they see me as an online taxi driver. I even often get praise and of course I really appreciate them. Some of them also invited me to berselfie together and upload my Uber information in medsos. From then on I started getting used to being a conversation of many people and I really enjoyed it.

When it becomes sopir taksi online, usually Joyce always takes a route that includes the streets of Makati, Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City.