Surabaya – Police continue to investigate the case of a mysterious exploding package. Luckily, the receiver of the package was not injured because of the small explosive power.

Two witnesses have been questioned, and the police plan to question the ojek online that sent the package.

“We have been questioning two people namely, victims and fellow victims,” ​​said Kapolres Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak AKBP Ronny Suseno when contacted by AFP on Thursday (14/12/2017).

The mysterious package contains a series of 9-volt batteries connected to a 15-centimeter long cable, mobile phone wrapper box, wire wrapped iron, plastic clasp, and potassium powder.

The package is delivered through an online motorcycle taxi service for AN, an employee of one of the expedition services company in Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, on Monday (11/12/2017).

Mysterious package addressed to AN no name or address of the sender. AN was curious about the existing package of cardboard mobile phone wrappers.

As AN opened the box at the shop in front of his office, blar … the pack exploded. Smoke was soaring around the stalls.

“We are still looking for who sent it,” he said.

In addition to finding who made and sent the package, which police said explosive blast like that, the police will also ask for information from the ojek online.

“We also confirm to the ojek online that sends the package,” he explained.

Asked the results of the examination of two witnesses, victims and fellow victims, said Ronny, witnesses are limited to see and hear only.

“The victim and his partner are only limited to knowing what to see, the witness does not know who created the package,” he explained.

Kapolres also not yet know the motive of the delivery of packets that have a very small explosive power.

“We have not been able to explain the motive, because the perpetrators are still not caught,” he said.

He hopes, so that the perpetrator immediately caught so that can be known motive.

“I beg his prayer, hopefully soon revealed this case and caught the culprit,” he hoped.
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