Traveling to Jakarta has become the most considerable option to spend a good and fun holiday time with family. Jakarta has been known as one of the most visited tourist destination in Indonesia. Having colonized by Dutch, the Dutch left its legacy by  building an elegant city hall, which has become the seat of the central city of Jakarta. At that time, the development of Jakarta was being expanded to the South. Instead of having a good and substantial development, it ended up bringing a rapid deterioration of the environment that forces the Dutch authorizes to relocate the center of government and its activity to a higher area. Looking at how far Jakarta has grown, it is hard to believe that it was once an area of flowing rivers of mud

As the capital city of Indonesia, the role of Jakarta is very thriving and important. The rapid development and building constructions are primary triggered by the economic, social, cultural factors that that are affecting toward each other. The governmental systems are very supporting while stimulating more and more development to take place in the city.


Frasindo Rent in Jakarta has so many potential to grow into a more demanding business. This is because the state and condition of Jakarta is very supportive for this kind of business.

In 2016. Jakarta was estimated to have population of more than 10 millions people and 96% of them were recorded during the 2010 Census. Jakarta is considered  one of the fastest growing global city especially for the  economies in the world. It is very interesting that Jakarta had the highest return on investment for transportation business in 2014 compared among the other cities in Indonesia.


As Jakarta is now getting starved for resources by its ever-growing population. The need for transportation is automatically getting higher too. This city is designed to only handle more tan 800K people, yet the actual number it is handling now is up to 12 million people during the work week, with 250,000 new residents or so-called commuters coming from JABODTABEK making the number climb up far higher than it can handle. It has been predicted that By 2020, the population of the city of Jakarta is expected to grow from 25 million to 35 million, with a mass migration that will further the increase of the necessity of mass and public transportation in this city without compromising.