REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Online motorcycle taxi and online taxi driver held a demonstration in front of the State Palace some time ago. They demanded the government to clarify legal protection as well as tariff limits.

Responding to this, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla said that the government was trying to safeguard the two interests of the online transportation service company and its drivers. This is so that both can serve public transportation well.

“The government must safeguard the two interests of the company and its driver, how to serve the community well and the interests of the community, maintain security, comfort, and prices not too expensive,” Jusuf Kalla said when met at his office on Tuesday (3/4).

Regarding security guarantees and criminal acts carried out by drivers of online transportation to consumers, Jusuf Kalla argues that this can be overcome easily.

Because with an online system , all transactions are directly recorded so that they are easily traced. So that when there is an online transportation driver who threatens passenger security, it can be directly punished by a criminal.

“For online , because it is directly recorded with whom, where to go, it is easy. Almost all drivers ( online ) that cause problems to consumers can be directly punished,” said Jusuf Kalla.

Jusuf Kalla said, technically other arrangements relating to online transportation services would be regulated by the Ministry of Transportation. He stressed, the regulation must benefit both parties, namely the company and the driver.

Rallies motorcycle taxi driver online and taxis online have different demands. Online motorcycle taxi drivers ask the government to set tariff limits. Meanwhile, online taxi drivers are asking the government to make the online transportation application service company change its business into a transportation company.

Regarding the demands of online taxi drivers , currently the rules related to business changes to online transportation application service providers to become transportation companies have been finalized at the Ministry of Transportation. Jusuf Kalla confirmed that this arrangement would be regulated by the Ministry of Transportation.

“That must be regulated by the minister of transportation, it must benefit both parties,” said Jusuf Kalla.

Regarding tariffs for online motorcycle taxis, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) states that it does not participate in setting tariffs for onlinemotorcycle taxis . Because the tariff is determined directly by applicators such as Grab and Gojek.

“For ojek, we do not participate in setting rates. We give the opportunity for Grab and Gojek drivers. We have mediated, we just have to see their decision,” said Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi.