Frasindo Rent service currently can be enjoyed by its customers especially in the city of Jakarta. This is because most of the list of available partner partners is still operating in the Jakarta area. Little information for you, Frasindo already has several partners in Jakarta. For now, there are many partners in Jakarta because most of the users of Frasindo service are still in Jakarta. Various promotional and marketing programs related to Fras Coin service have been prepared. Frasindo explained that the marketing program will be tailored to the character of each city consumers. In this advanced technological era Frasindo brings new innovations in Frasindo Rent service which is its excellent service. Frasindo Rent is now equipped with a loyalty program from Frasindo that provides rewards for every use of Fras Coin when trading. Fras Coin as mobile wallet, is expected to increase the number of usage of Fras Coin and Frasindo Rent service. As expected. customers using Fras Coin will use Frasindo’s services more often than customers who have not used Fras Coin. The magnitude of interest from new customers then raises the idea to provide rewards or a special loyalty program for those who are accustomed to using Fras Coin. This is manifested in the form of Car Coin. The latest feature available on Frasindo Rent platform, this feature can be used by customers or newly joined. With this feature, it is expected to automatically add point or reward customers after using Frasindo Coin for service payment at Frasindo Rent Service.

So the point of this program is the customers can earn loyalty points from every Frasindo Rent service transaction paid using Frasindo Coin. Customers can redeem the points with various attractive rewards. This is enough to limit the interests and tastes of users associated with the amount of coin obtained. Another thing that must be observed is the calculation system of the obtained coin and tokens that can be used in Car Coin. The reality is there are still many challenges that must be faced related to mobile wallet system in Indonesia. Among them are changing the habits of Indonesian people who have been accustomed to using cash in transactions and gain public confidence to start using mobile wallet. To overcome these challenges, Frasindo Rent is committed to being an easy and secure mobile wallet platform. Extend your happiness with the help of Coin Rewards. Discover how to pay less for your lodging, your travel, your shopping time, your favorite culinary, and more. All you can get for free just by joining in Frasindo.