President Joko Widodo asked his staff to be careful in making regulations governing the existence of online transport-based applications. Do not let the existing rules create a high cost burden so that the price of online transportation can no longer be reached by the public.

"The point is this one creative industry, we do not create obstacles that will make high cost," said Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi after a limited meeting on the regulation of online transportation at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/07/2017).

Budi revealed, in the meeting explained about the Minister of Transportation Regulation number 26 of 2017 which regulates the existence of online transportation. According to him, the President does not object to the rules that come into effect since July 1, 2017 then.

However, the government is still trying to improve the existing regulations. For example, regarding the condition of the working relationship between the taxi driver online with the operator. This is to provide assurance of guarantee for the driver.


Later, the government will review the rights of taxi drivers onlinesebagai labor, such as getting job insurance.

"The point is we make the regulation do not persuilit people, publicize is a way that allows the efficiency that finally accepted by the community, rather than we ambition to set up but the community will not be anything, that's the president's consent," said Budi.

Meanwhile, the President when opening the ratas emphasize that online transport is one product of the development of information technology that can not be avoided. Therefore, the government must respond to the dynamics of this rapid change.