, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said technology policy in the transportation sector is unlikely to be avoided. The emergence of online transport such as online taxis is expected to live side by side with the existing conventional transportation.

“Online transportation is one product of the development of information technology that we can not avoid,” he said at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/07/2017).

Jokowi revealed, the government can not deny the existence of transportation because it is able to provide convenience for the community. Therefore, the government responded rapidly to the development of this online transportation.

“It is becoming known and accepted by the public in some cities and it is also seen as beneficial, but in this transitional situation, in order to make it easier for people, especially in urban areas to access transportation services that create affordability, the government must respond to the dynamics of this rapid change,” Jokowi.

With the government’s arrangement for this transportation, Jokowi hopes there will be no more pro and contra parties. In addition, the government will also encourage existing transport models since long to improve themselves to compete.

“So that all can receive and transportation services can be able to provide security, safety, and comfort for the community and for its users,” he said.