Unfortunately, the fate of Julianto Sudrajat (29), he had to pay some GoFood orders when he never ordered it. Not once, but the order came to many times in the past week.

Julianto’s story is uploaded to Facebook and viral. Mentioned this terror occurred because Julianto refused the love of a woman he knew through Facebook.

The woman gets upset and chooses the way of ‘revenge’ by ordering GoFood by creating a Gojek account on behalf of Julianto based on Julianto’s email that the woman knows.

coil (kumparan.com) confirmed this to Julianto. He said it was bewildering to be overwhelmed by receiving GoFood orders many times a day. Though he never ordered food through the application.

Terror GoFood orders began to occur since Monday (3/7) and then while he was working in his office in the area of ​​Matraman, East Jakarta. A driver of Gojek came to deliver GoFood orders worth Rp 200 thousand on behalf of Julianto.

” do not feel the message, but because the name on the application was my name yes, forced to be paid, “said Julianto when confirmed coil (kumparan.com), Friday (7/7/2017).

Not just once, after another 20 minutes the other Gojek drivers came looking for Julianto. He also carries GoFood orders. Three times, four, up to six times different Gojek drivers come looking for Julianto to deliver GoFood orders.

Julianto is confused to refuse the order, but can not because of pity on the drivers Gojek. Forced he must return to spend up to Rp 600 thousand more.

According Julianto, when taking orders GoFood, drivers Gojek already confirm first via phone. Although the name of the buyer is Julianto Sudrajat but who always picked up the phone was a woman. He made sure the order was ordered and asked to be delivered to the address stated in the application, ie the office address Julianto.

When you arrive at the location to deliver the order, the Gojek driver again calls the number listed on the app but is inactive

“Finally, the driver of his project immediately find me at the office because the number is not active, the number is not my number,” said Julianto.
GoFood terror continues on Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday (6/7). Julianto kept the arrival of GoFood orders until he was overwhelmed. Even his co-workers also paid the order to the drivers of Gojek.

“My friend got a joint venture to pay for his GoFood,” he said.
Julianto added that besides GoFood, he also received a Gobox driver who came to the office and to his house.

“He said I bought a refrigerator asking me to use GoBox, keep coming to the house he wanted to move use GoBox,” he said.