– Driving on the highway requires awareness and care in obeying rules and safety. Therefore, the need for a community of drivers to keep reminding each other and to avoid the number of accidents.

Through the Safe Family Community (K3A), online taxi drivers can interact with one another and work hand in hand while working in the field.

The Head of K3A, Erwin Tanjung, revealed that the purpose of forming this community was as a form of reminder for safety and obedience of regulations for fellow online motorcycle taxi drivers.

“In driving on the highway required awareness and care in obeying the rules and safety. Therefore the need for the driver community to keep reminding each other and keep avoiding the number of accidents,” said Erwin, Wednesday (02/19/2020).

Erwin also added that family is the main priority why this community was formed.

“The family is the top priority for drivers while maintaining safe driving on the road. Because we work for the family, then we must be a pioneer in road safety. So that the family continues to feel safe,” Erwin said firmly.

The community that was established on May 26, 2018 already has 35 members who work as online taxi drivers from Grab. Apart from being a reminder to drive safely, this community also routinely holds a gathering every month.

“The monthly agenda of this community is a gathering and an annual agenda in the form of breaking the fast together with the community and the poor. We often hang out at the Wutan Sark street, Sei Batang Serangan. No need for many members, what is important is consistent and quality in carrying out activities in the community, “said Erwin.

K3A gathering also just held a family gathering some time ago to Sembahe. Erwin told that this gathering brought the family for an excursion.

K3A Secretary, Hari Budianto expressed his gratitude for joining this community. He considered can reduce fear when on the road.

“This K3A is quite extraordinary from the problem of cohesiveness for friends who are on the road. Because we can spend 20 hours a day on the road. If we have obstacles on the road thank God they are quick to respond to help,” Hari said.

Hari said that the K3A community was very well connected with the Grab.

“When we have problems in K3A, we always have a good relationship with Grab to help resolve both internal and other problems,” Hari concluded.