Ministry of Transportation began to apply the obligation of installing stickers for special rental or taxi online. The obligation to install the sticker is contained in Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number 26 Year 2017 on Organization of Transportation of People With Motor Vehicle General Not In Route.

“Regulation is out, direct the road. Installation of stickers has begun to be done in the cars that become taxi online or special rental after they pass the vehicle test, “said Pudji Hartanto, Director General of Land Transport Ministry of Transportation in its official statement Monday, June 12, 2017 .

Pudji said the installation of stickers as a special logo taxi online is directly pinned by the officers after performing the Kir test. If there is one that has not or does not want to put a sticker, then when there is a check can be directly dealt with.

According to Pudji, the 11 new regulation points set in April 2017 have already been implemented. Includes obligations for taxi entrepreneurs online to perform periodic testing, dasboard access installation, and mail completeness. But for the rules special plates are still in transition.

“Operationally everything will come into effect in July, so we expect the taxi entrepreneurs online shave completed the requirements. If when caught the requirements are not complete, then will be subject to sanctions adjusted types of palanggaran, “said Pudji.