Gresik ( – Team ‘Black Panther’ Satreskrim Gresik Regional Police arrested a person suspected of being the murderer of online taxi driver Andrre Putra Haryono (21). The victim was previously found dead unnaturally in his residence Kepatihan Village, Menganti Subdistrict, Gresik.

The arrest of the perpetrators was justified by the Gresik Police Chief AKBP Wahyu Sri Bintoro. The middle officer said, the perpetrators were arrested less than 1 × 24 hours. Based on reports entered by the perpetrator alone while carrying out the action.

“The perpetrators have been secured, and caught in the Surabaya area,” he said when contacted by, Wednesday (03/13/2019).

According to Wahyu Sri Bintoro, the arrest of the perpetrators was based on the results of the development of their members in the field. From the results, the officers then moved and arrested the perpetrators without resistance.

“At present the perpetrators are still undergoing an examination,” he said.

When asked the initials of the perpetrators and whether they were still close to the victim’s family. AKBP Wahyu Sri Bintoro explained, related to that his side still kept the initials meetings. Because, this is still related to the investigation and development of members in the field.

“Our members are still working on developing this case. The reason is that there is evidence of motorbike owned by the victim which until now has not been found, “he said.

As reported, online taxi driver Andree Putra Haryono was found dead in his bedroom at his home in Kepatihan Village. At that time, the position of the victim was found lying on the back with bruises on the left side of the face. Not only that, the victim’s head also found wounds such as being hit by hard objects and his nose was bleeding dry.