If you are into bitcoin business then maybe bitcointalk.org is not really that new for you. One of the biggest international forum on the net who has been very updated with the bitcoin business and more than that, it has thousands of members that are active discussing about the growth and future of the bitcoin itself with the other crypto currencies that are quite known throughout the internet and some diligent and brave investors across the globe. One of the discussion of the current crypto currencies you can talk in this forum is frascoin!

As one of the original crypto currency made from Indonesia, Fras coin is a Blockchain & Start-Up Incubator which have self-sustainability and offers a lifetime passive income. The income that the investors will get come from “Online-Taxi + car rental + driver recruitment” business, as an Official Uber, Grab and Gocar partner in Indonesia. Our assets comes in a form of cars rental managements including the office and the cars that we rent for the online transportation such as UBER, GO CAR, and GRAB CAR. Some other assets like certificates are kept by NXT foundation in netherland and legalize by Indonesian Government which makes frascoin more credible and trusted both internationally and nationally.

In bitcointalk.org you can discuss many things about frascoin in frascoin thread. There are many features you can use. Such as admin thread which usually contains some basic information regarding frascoin itself, there are many thing you can get from the thread, like what is fras coin, the benefits you can get by investing in frascoin, the use of frascoin, advantages of frascoin, some information and schedule regarding when you can purchase the coin and even sale information as well.

There also some thread about some tutorial links by another forums or community on how to purchase FRAS and other important links that you probably need to checks if you are interested in their product. The thread usually updates their current status or some report throughout the forum which you can check and talk about daily with the other investors or users in there. It is a very welcoming and friendly community with no boundaries and secrecy between the members and its admin. Quite fun and joyful to try. If you are interested in FRAS talk, you can go to google and type bitcointalk frascoin thread, you will find some threads regarding frascoin including the one with the official admin in no time!