TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The emergence of a refreshing version of the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia, did not affect the business in the used car market.

This condition is because the two MPV names of a million people are no longer the main idols of consumers in Indonesia.

The Senior Manager of the Former WTC Cars Mangga Dua Stock Exchange Herjanto Kosasih, explained that Avanza and Xenia are now better known as online taxis than as private cars, especially in Jakarta.

“As I said before, Avanza and Xenia were sought after for online taxis when the time began to get crowded. The sales of the used cars were also quite good, even when there were those who dared to order because the merchants were quite difficult to find. The Avanza image is an online taxi, “Herjanto said a few days ago.

According to Herjanto, the market trend in the used Avanza-Xenia car segment has dropped dramatically compared to three to five years ago.

Especially with the addition of its competitors who present offers new designs and concepts from the bottom MPV.

Most of the current used Avanza-Xenia markets are more dominated by consumers outside Jakarta, some even from outside Java.

While for consumers in the capital city, they have barely even looked at Avanza and Xenia.

 “Usually when there is a new model, many Avanza and Xenia owners sell directly so they can take the new version. Now it’s different, moreover the choices in the class are increasing, and the city community is also smart to choose products,” Herjanto said.

The decline in the prestige of the Avanza-Xenia was also felt by Teddy, the owner of the car showroom at the Kemayoran MGK. Teddy explained that apart from being an online taxi image, the sales of the used Avanza is also shrinking due to market saturation in a design that has not changed much.

“If you pay attention from several new versions, not much has changed, only the look, headlamp, and rear, but the main shape remains like that too. While its competitors offer a more fresh design and features,” said Teddy.