MAKASSAR – Makassar Legislators speak out about the transportation services of Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. Limiting the entry of online transportation to the airport, and the high tariffs of transportation services by the management of PT Angkasa Pura I.

This was revealed by Deputy Chairperson of Commission B for Economics and Finance, Iqbal Djalil. He claimed to often receive complaints about the poor quality of airport transportation services regarding the high cost of public transportation.

“Airport taxi fares are extraordinarily expensive, imagine the cheapest tariff is 90 thousand. That’s zone one just out of the airport. Not to mention zone two, definitely above it, “said the legislator of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Thursday (6/28/2018).

“Online transportation is favored by the community because it is mobile and cheap. While conventional taxis are expensive. So it’s natural that people complain about why online taxis are prohibited from entering the airport, “he continued.

Therefore, he appealed for cooperation between the airport and online taxi companies to meet the needs of the people at this time.

“Don’t be limited, cooperation must exist. Don’t want to be profitable yourself, “he said.

The same thing was also expressed by another member of Commission B, Hasanuddin Leo. He revealed that poor airport transportation services were caused by a lack of supervision by the management.

In fact, he admitted that he often received reports of naughty drivers at the airport. The rogue driver sometimes raises rates above the stipulated conditions.

“International status can be questioned if this transportation service is not repaired,” he said.