Hitekno.com – Uploading videos from the account @ keluhkesahojol.id on Saturday (05/18/2019) and then successfully made netizens furious. In the video, you can see an online taxi customer who sits while raising his legs to the car seat right next to the driver.

In a short time, uploading from the behavior of online taxi customers is a flood of blasphemy by netizens.

The viral video on this instagram was recorded by the taxi driver online, which was then uploaded by @ keluhkesahojol.id on his Instagram account. Since it was created, this upload has been watched by tens of thousands of times by netizens of Instagram users.

” WADUUUHHH !!!!! ONE of the online taxi customers sits with her feet up on the chair. From the beginning and until the destination. What is your response, guys ??? ” wrote the caption in the upload @ keluhkesahojol.id.

In the uploaded video, an online taxi customer sits in the back seat while having a telephone conversation.

While sitting relaxed, this female customer puts both of her feet on the car seat which is right next to the online taxi driver.

According to the taxi driver online, this customer is comfortable in that position from the start until arriving at her destination.

Customer taksi online buat netizen geram. (instagram/keluhkesahojol.id)

Whether upset or not daring to reprimand the customer, this online taxi driver is only able to record what is happening.

This video then went viral on Instagram and received mixed comments from netizens since it was uploaded a few weeks ago.

” You’d better just rebuke the customer … ” wrote netizens with an Instagram account @ sriwulanpurnama.

“It’s not polite … Even though she paid it must also be polite …” commented the owner of the account @ aqielakh.el.

” Disturbing the convenience of drivers, can cause accidents, drivers will not concentrate on driving a vehicle … ” said the account @yudha_okay.

“The mbak is in the habit of riding alphard, so if she rides in a people’s car / LCGC likes that …” wrote the account @unatlaser.

Uploaded an online taxi customer who sat while lifting her feet on the car seat watched 29,139 times and collected 300 netizen comments.