TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Secretary General of the Online Transportation Action Committee 
(KATO) Yudi Arianto expects the government to set up three aspects of online 
two-wheeled transportation aka ojek online. Three aspects of it are the status of 
online motorcycle taxi drivers as corporate partners, legality, and welfare.

According to Yudi, the online motorcycle carrier application provider company 
can disconnect the driver's status unilaterally. "We were unilaterally cut off 
by partners by applicators, which ultimately affected the loss of livelihoods 
without any clarity," he said at the Constitutional Court, Central Jakarta, 
Monday, May 7, 2018.

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KATO and the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation proposed a judicial review of 
Law Number 22 Year 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport to the Constitutional Court 
today. They asked the government to acknowledge motorcycle taxis online as public 

In terms of legality, Yudi said online motorcycle taxis need a legal umbrella. 
Therefore, motorcycle taxi base refuse ojek online operate. "They deny that we are 
illegal," he said.
Another reason is the urgency of legality that the government has a legal umbrella 
to follow up the problem of the provider company ojek online application.

For the aspect of welfare, Yudi claims the company's application provider does not 
provide social security paid by the company. So far, the company does require its 
partners to have insurance.

But the company does not bear the cost of insurance. Go-Jek, for example, will cut 
the driver's balance by Rp 15 thousand per month for insurance. Not to mention the 
online motorcycle taxi drivers must register at the Organizer Body of Social 
Security Self-Reliance.

"If in the office (other), there are what percent (insurance costs borne) the company.
This is not," said Yudi. "So we (ojek online) cover ourselves because of the partners."