MEDAN, KABARSUMBAR – Trends in the use of online transportation services continue to increase, for example, online taxis.

Many people have felt the positive impact of the presence of online taxis as a safe, comfortable and transparent transportation option.

The presence of online taxis is also known has contributed to economic growth, both at the regional and national levels.

Economic observer from Medan Gunawan Benyamin said, that online taxi services significantly helps the Indonesian economy.

The assessment is given based on the logistics side of online taxis which is easier, cheaper, more efficient and more effective.

“This cannot be calculated economically but the nominal benefits if the facilities are obtained by the community, and this still has a positive impact for social development in a region, “said Gunawan, Wednesday 2 October 2019.

Lanut Gunawan, when referring to the results of research conducted by the Demographic Institute of FEB UI, Go-Jek’s contribution to the Indonesian economy is in the range of Rp 44.2 to 55 trillion, if it assumes 100 percent active partners.

The increasing need for online taxis in the community does not necessarily make companies stop innovating.

Gojek, one of the online transportation companies is developing the latest service features, GoCar Instant.

This service is designed so that people can enjoy practical transportation at the airport.

The community can also feel the ease of getting a vehicle quickly.

Not only providing convenience for consumers, partners will also feel the positive impact through these features.

Because partners will more quickly meet with consumers without having to wait long.

To further indulge all Indonesians, GoCar Instant pick-up points can be found at Terminals 1A, 2D, 2E, 2F, and Terminal 3 domestic and international at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Not All Online Taxis Are Allowed at the Airport

It is common knowledge that online taxis are prohibited from entering the airport area. The airport is like a home for conventional taxis.

This condition according to Gunawan Benyamin is unfair. Gunawan hopes there is a fairer regulator in providing opportunities for anyone to get any service, including getting service to serve people in certain areas such as airports.

“The problem of some airports that prohibits online taxis. That is not fair. I don’t understand what kind of rules can make the competition healthy or not, Why there are discriminatory like that, only KPPU’s domain can explain it.. So that not all of the online transportation services can enjoy it, “he said.

“It needs to be discussed further, it needs to be discussed by the regulator. Do not let the public see discriminatory treatment intentionally carried out by certain parties who deliberately do not allow online taxis to operate. This is not good, “continued Gunawan.

As stated by Gunawan, going forward, both online and conventional taxis get permission to operate at the airport.

So that transportation options for the community are also diverse.

“It means that if people get an online taxi transportation service, for example GoCar at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, it should be available at other airports too. Not conditional in nature, at A airport is available, B is available but at C is not available. This is not evenly distributed so there is a need for regulations that can accommodate all aspirations and so that all parties also do not feel disadvantaged, “he concluded.