Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Grab said it has cooperated with the Police to eradicate the practice of opik alias fictitious order. Grab took Polda Metro Jaya to run this opik eradication program.

Later, the program labeled ‘Grab Opawan Opik!’ this will also be done in 111 cities where Grab operates.

Grab mentions that this fictitious order will be detected by the Grab risk and cheating management system. If detected, Grab will report this to the authorities for further investigation.

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The system claimed using machine learning algorithm is claimed to be able to recognize the risk or new fraud threat that may arise.

Booking using a GPS fake is detrimental not only to passengers but also to companies and partners of taxi drivers online.

“Every single fictitious booking means a reduction of one trip for an honest driver’s partner and a reduced income for them,” said Ridzki Kramadibrata, Managing Director, Grab Indonesia in a press release received by CNNIndonesia.com, Wednesday (31/1).

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Previously, the Polda Metro Jaya and Polda South Sulawesi arrested a number of persons who use the GPS fake in their respective areas. Grab’s own party promised to give severe punishment and terminate the employment relationship for naughty driver’s partner.

The perpetrators of the Opik are known after Grab studied anomalies on the offender accounts. They get excellent performance and high bonuses that arouse Grab’s suspicions.

Grab also hopes that its driver partners will participate in fighting opik by reporting fraud on the driver’s partner, passenger or other partners to [email protected] for follow-up by Grab. (ex)

Source www.cnnindonesia.com