RAKYATKU.COM, MAKASSAR – A number of online taxi drivers (online drivers) in Makassar City, asked PT Grab Indonesia and PT Gojek Indonesia not to accept new online drivers.

The reason is that there are so many online drivers in Makassar City, reaching 22 thousand online drivers. “We ask that the receipt of online drivers be stopped. Because the current application and driver users are not comparable,” said Chairman of the Makassar online driver community, Abdul Muttalib, when delivering his aspirations to the South Sulawesi DPRD on Monday (08/08/2018).

“Driver if the road runs from morning to night, it does not meet the target. Target (passenger) is 17, but the maximum is only 8,” he said.

In addition to asking to stop the receipt of new online drivers, they also urged the two online taxi operators to stop taking car orders to grab Bosowa, grab taxis and TPI.

“Because there must be a priority scale, and that is troubling friends,” continued Muttalib.

Subsequent demands, separate the application and re-enable the features in the passenger application, according to the application listed on the ordering application.

Furthermore, it is urgent to open suspended applications. “We ask for the opening of suspensions in bulk without conditions, and stop the black list suspend for vehicle units,” he said.

We also ask for service to drivers about suspending and reporting of partner constraints not being distinguished. Finally, the intensive scheme for all drivers is equated.

“The intensive scheme is now Rp. 200 thousand for drivers. Previously Rp325 thousand, down to Rp250 thousand. We are asking to return to the scheme of Rp325 thousand,” he explained.

They emphasized that if the demands were not met within the next three days, online drivers in Makassar would carry out a mass strike.

The South Sulawesi Legislator who received the aspirations of online taxi drivers, Haidar Majid said, his party would immediately follow up on the aspirations of the online driver.

“In principle, we welcome the aspirations of online drivers. That they believe, the DPRD of South Sulawesi will be able to mediate,” Haidar said.

Haidar added, to follow up on his aspirations, it could be that the South Sulawesi DPRD would summon the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) in order to hold a hearing.

“We will invite friends from KPPU. Because one of the reasons why it has intensified is decreasing, besides because of the increasingly unlimited quota set by the operators, it turns out there is also business competition in these two companies,” Haidar concluded.