– Working as a driver or taxi driver online is indeed in great demand today.

One of them is a working grandmother earning a living by being a Grab driver who doesn’t care about her age.

The story was seen by from a Facebook account named Sry Alwi Fattah, a passenger from the grandmother.

The short video was immediately viral on social media, because at the age of the grandmother who was almost 60 years old she was still eager to work.

In the statement in this post, this grandmother who became an online taxi driver in Makassar has a surprising reason.

“It’s better to be a driver, rather than having to expect the income of his children,” the grandmother told the passengers.

The grandmother named Kasmawaty also did not want to just keep quiet and expect pension money from her husband.

Even though she was banned by her four children, Kasmawaty continued to be passionate about working rather than having to stay at home.

Kasmawaty said that she had joined Grab for almost a year.

Behind that, Kasmawaty’s grandmother often takes passengers late at night.

Interestingly, in the video, this 56-year-old grandmother seemed to be agile in driving a car.

Asked by the passenger, Kasmawaty also revealed that if she had received 11 trips a day she worked.

Wow, how cool is the story of Kasmawaty.

To the extent that netizens are busy commenting on these posts:

Widiiya Ayundha Putri, this grandmother is crazy, I’m the one who is still young and still lazy if I drive it myself and I’m still afraid if there is a big car or bus. This mom is cool

Ses Katri Bustamam, must be honored by Grab Grandma

Asri Adi The power of Emak Emak, still encouraging Grandma

Muli Yana salute you grandma ‘, keep healthy, ma’am: * and keep up the spirit ????????????????