, MEDAN – Tourists seem to be easier to explore the Lake Toba area.

Online taxis have begun working on the National Tourism Strategic Zone (KSPN).

This was revealed by Grab Indonesia Executive Director Ongki Kurniawan.

He said that currently his party is testing at Silangit Airport, North Tapanuli Regency.

“Because there are not many important flights, we have provided supplies,” Ongki said on Monday (3/18/2019)

“In fact, we provide the airport first rather than in the city,” he continued.

Ongki said that the operation of online taxis in the largest lake region in Southeast Asia would increase tourism visits. Because adding accessibility is an important requirement of tourism.

Still said Ongki, indeed with the existence of the airport, it actually built the demand for its own city. Very positive for supporting Indonesian tourism. Because often the appearance of Taksol in the area creates horizontal conflicts. Especially with conventional taxis or private property.

“We want to embrace. We are aware that this is all how to create a healthy ecosystem, “said Ongki.

The presence of online taxis in tourism areas is indeed very important. Even the Ministry of Tourism embraces taksol vendors with Indonesia’s wonderful co-branding.

Lake Toba continues to develop. The ministry through the Lake Toba Authority Implementation Agency (BPODT) has only built nomadic tourism in the Sibisa area, Toba Samosir Regency.

The construction of Lake Toba is done to reach the target of one million tourists.

BPODT President Director Arie Prasetyo said that he welcomed this very well, because indeed one of the obstacles that was felt at this time was the lack of last mile transport that took tourists to destinations, both to attractions and amenities, “

“At present Lake Toba has Damri. Damri is a shuttle bus that serves passengers from Silangit Airport to a number of routes,” Arie said.

“As the number of tourists who come to Lake Toba increases, this will be very helpful,” Arie concluded.