JAKARTA – Secretary General of the Central Board of Land Transport Entrepreneurs Organization (Organda) Ateng Aryono said the most important thing is driving safety is an obligation for all road users, including for online taxis. Hope that can be fulfilled if some standard things are met.

Among other things, according to him, fulfillment of driving conditions, enforcement of community discipline, regulation of vehicle ownership are associated with driving competence, a strategy to institutionalize character in a broader sense with more intensity in society, and fostering sustainable driving skills.

Especially for public transportation entrepreneurship, in addition to fulfilling the SPM requirements (minimum service standards), entrepreneurial audits should also be carried out continuously by the licensor or carried out by independent institutions, “he said on Monday (4/30/2018).

If the security problems that occur, according to Ateng, will certainly be seen from the cases that occur and this becomes the domain of the police to deal with. “But of course there are public transport companies things that are done to avoid incidents in the category of security disturbances,” he added.

Jalan Slamet Riyadi Solo Dipenuhi Taksi pada Aksi Mogok Massal Sopir Taksi

Chairman of the Republic of Indonesia People’s Representative Council (DPR RI) Bambang Soesatyo urged Commission V to seriously follow up on application-based taxi regulation (online). Security procedures and supervision are absolutely necessary to follow up on recent events.

Bambang asked Commission V of the House of Representatives to realize the plan to call the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), online transportation companies, and various other related parties to jointly review and explain the criminal cases that occurred.

Not only that, all parties are required to make a security system that can be immediately known, both by application providers and the general public. The goal is to minimize the incidence in online taxis, as happened at Grab Car recently, repeated again.

“Asking Commission V of the House of Representatives to encourage the Ministry of Transportation to urge online transportation companies to give accountability to victims and to implement Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 46 of 2014 concerning Minimum Service Standards for People with No Public Vehicles in Routes that clearly regulate the safety standards for taxis,” he said .

Commission V was also asked to encourage the Ministry of Transportation to urge all online transportation companies to have security procedures and clear protection for consumers. Then concrete and procedural steps are needed starting from the recruitment of drivers to other aspects related to the mental and physical health of prospective online taxi drivers.

At the same time, Bambang also requested Commission III of the House of Representatives to urge the National Police to investigate and crack down on the perpetrators in online taxis. “Commission III of the House of Representatives also needs to encourage the National Police Chief to form a special team to conduct intensive supervision of online drivers related to information about online driver behavior that is detrimental to and disturbing the community,” he pleaded.

Because, he said, online drivers are part of the community that must be responsible for creating security and order.

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