JAKARTA – Commission V of the House of Representatives held a joint working meeting with the Ministry of Transportation. This work meeting was to discuss the continuation of the rules of online transportation.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said, at the meeting, his party received a lot of support from its members of the council to be able to strictly enforce the rules. Because according to him, it is necessary to take firm action from the government to provide fair rules to online taxis.

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Because if not, then each camp both online and conventional transportation will continue to raise objections to the government. Because, there are minus pluses obtained by each camp.

“The majority gave support to the Ministry of Transportation to enforce the rules,” he said when met at the Parliament Building, RI, Jakarta, Monday (05/28/2018).

One concern is the problem of limiting the number of taxis or drivers. Therefore, online taxi companies do not open new drivers anymore.

“The amount must be limited, don’t add new ones,” he said.

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In addition, continued Budi, one thing that is of concern is how tariffs must be regulated. According to him, the decision was for the welfare of drivers and passengers.

“The rates, there must be a standard, how about their daily low?” Budi said.

Then the last one is related to safety. According to him, safety is very important to regulate, because after all this concerns the lives of many people.

“Safety also needs to be regulated. Applicators must comply with the provisions. In conclusion, this is stated,” he said.