, BATAM – Member of Commission III of the DPRD Batam, Thomas Arihta Sembiring regretted the Mega Mall Batam Center management’s decision to revoke the decision letter regarding passenger pickup in the mall area.

“Whatever it is, it should be subject to the rules issued by the government through PM 118 2018. If an operational permit has been issued,¬†meaning they are legal based on the law, “he explained to

According to him, the Mega Mall decision should be able to refer to the interests of many people in this case visitors.

According to him, even though Mega Mall has territory, it must also be in line with government-owned regulations.

“Ministerial rules are national in nature, so there are no restrictions on the customer’s right to choose what mode of transportation to use. After all, they also have the right to choose, “he continued.

The cadres of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), also questioned related to the passenger pick-up point or often called the red zone.

For him, there is no related legal umbrella with that arrangement.

“Where is the regulation? So there is no reference,” he regrets the ongoing polemic.

Not only that, he said if there really is a local wisdom, then it should be formed into the rule of law so as not to make a fuss between the two parties both online and conventional taxis getting more soluble.

“Local wisdom is in the form of laws or only conventions? If in the form of conventions, who sets it. There are no regulations related to local wisdom. When talking about local wisdom in the form of conventions, it is only one-sided and not comprehensive,” he said.

He requested that the Riau Islands Transportation Department (Dishub) immediately resolve this polemic.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Special Rental Transport Business Entity (ASK) also asked the Riau Islands Transportation Agency and the Land Transportation Organization (Organda) to appear as an independent problem solver in this matter.

“The government and Organda are independent constituents. Don’t let this polemic occur when there are third parties who take advantage,” said the manager of ASK PT Diva Citra Sjati, Sawir.

Separately, the Department of Transportation of the Riau Islands through the Head of Traffic and Road Transportation (LLAJ), Frengki Willianto has not responded to the Tribune’s confirmation efforts.

Earlier in the day, Frengki promised to immediately summon several area managers to discuss the polemic about the pick-up point.