Bandung – Police arrested a man with the initials AI who raided four cars belonging to taxi drivers online.

The action was carried out by AI since July 2019. AI carried out his action by pretending to be an online taxi passenger. Initially AI ordered a taxi online through the application.

“This suspect ordered a taxi online to take him out of town. During the trip, there is an agreement for a rental price of Rp 1.3 million, “said Bandung Wetan Police Chief Kompol Budi Triyono at Bandung Wetan Police Station, Jalan Cihapit, Bandung City, Friday (11/08/2019).

When on a trip, Budi said, the suspect tricked the victim by inviting him to eat. At the time when they were eating, the suspect then borrowed a car with the excuse to picking someone up.

“Without suspicion, the victim handed the car key. But apparently the car was taken away. In the middle of the road, the suspect replaced the number plate that was installed with another number plate, “he said.

The police who receive the report conduct an investigation. Based on the results of the investigation, the Bandung Wetan Criminal Investigation Unit secured the perpetrators in the Kebon Kalapa area, Bandung City, on November 2, 2019.

“This suspect committed his actions six times. There were four reports to us. The rest were in Sukabumi, Cirebon and Sukoharjo,” he said.

To the police, AI claimed the stolen cars were handed over to a man with the initials SN in Sragen. The police also arrested SN in Sragen.

“He is indeed the sole player specializing in online taxis,” Budi said.

From this disclosure, the police confiscated four units of a car, a vehicle certificate, and a cellphone. The police ensnared AI with Article 378 of the Criminal Code and SN with Article 480 of the Criminal Code.