Jakarta – Minister of Communications and Informatics (Menkominfo) Rudiantara explain his statement about the online taxi that given the base and given a sticker at the airport like a conventional taxi.

He explained that the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) does not mean that it is not.

“Between my explanation that the characteristics of application-based cabs are ‘haunting’ and ‘by agreement’ with the phrase ‘give the widest space’ are two separate occasions,” he explained to detikINET, Thursday (26/10/2017).

The purpose of this ‘haunt’ refers to the online taxi, where they search for the nearest passenger. While the statement ‘given the broadest room’ leads to the innovation of the digital world that needs freedom to facilitate society.

“The first is the question of online taxi news that will be given ‘bases and stickers’ at the airport, while the latter is the context of my speech about digital economy & innovation,” continued the minister familiarly called Chief RA said.

Reported earlier, the MoCI responded to the existence of an online taxi at the airport given the base and marked stickers. That, so make it self-questioned.

“I am not baseball agree, I read the news, just me to question myself, the added value where if the taxi online dikandangin and given a sticker?” said Rudiantara on the sidelines of Communic Indonesia event at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10/2017).