Jakarta – Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has asked private companies to also play a role in carrying out periodic tests of KIR vehicles for application-based “online” taxis.

When reviewing the Motor Vehicle Testing Unit (UP PKB) Pulo Gadung, Jakarta, Sunday, the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya appealed that the implementation of the KIR test does not only rely on the facilities of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Department.

“We do not only rely on DKI, we also ask the private, brand holders to do so, because the process will be fast,” said Minister of Transportation.

He explained the facilities and equipment in UP PKB Pulp Gadung owned Dishub DKI Jakarta is good and sophisticated. However, with the number of “online” taxi fleet vehicles, the Brand Holders Agent (APM) company is expected to participate in KIR testing in several places that Kemenhub has inaugurated earlier.

In addition, some new vehicles can also obtain the legitimacy of the KIR test boards to make the process faster and declared feasible or ensure the safety and security of passengers.

The Ministry of Transportation also provides for a maximum period of three months since the Ministerial Regulation (PM) 108 of 2017 on the implementation of Transport of People with Public Motor Vehicles Not In Trajectory, effective November 1, 2017.

In the transition period, the “online” taxi service company is expected to continue to encourage cooperatives and partner drivers to conduct periodic tests of KIR.

The number of vehicles that have undergone the KIR test just reached about 10 thousand vehicles.

“Those who have tested about 10 thousand vehicles in DKI Jakarta alone and some from private ones,” said Minister of Transportation.

He confirmed that the KIR test in PM 108/2017 became one of the obligations that must be fulfilled by commercial vehicles to ensure passenger safety.