, Jakarta – Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi requested that taxi drivers online and conventional mutual cooperation. Because the relationship of both parties often rumored not harmonious.

Budi Karya even requested that the two collaborate. Thus, people can enjoy transportation services well.

“We ask for a conventional upgrade service in order to serve, online instead, which online show a responsible way,” he said during a healthy walk in Roundabout Hotel Indonesia Jakarta, Sunday (25/09/2016).

Furthermore, he also asserted that the two sides did not drop each other. He wants public transportation service providers to run harmoniously.

“I think this is the point we want equality between online and conventional taxis, and do not ask each other for something that is a barrier to others,” he said.

Not without reason, Budi considers harmony must be maintained because it concerns the livelihood of many people, both online and covert taxis.

“This concerns the livelihood of the people both online and conventional us unfortunately with online,” he said.