Bandung: The online Transport Transport Applicator will review the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation No. 108 of 2017. This assessment is pending as regulated by the Governor Regulation (Pergub).

Lubby, representative of West Java Grab Application Office, asserted, the assessment is done about the impact and benefit of the regulation for the driver (partner) as well as the consumer of online transportation. Once the rule is officially published, the applicator will adjust.

So far the app provider does not see any problems from the rules and their impact to the driver’s partner. However, the need for coordination and socialization to the bottom when the implementation of the Pergub online transport diketok.

According to him, the deadline of three months is enough time to clean up and prepare all the requirements that exist in the points – the point of the rule.

“If indeed there is need to be submitted and need to be responded of course we will officially submit to the government through different forums,” said Lubby in Building Dishub Jabar, Jalan Laswi Bandung Bandung Thursday 2 November 2017.

108/2017 candy is recognized as a best solution in handling chaotic transportation in West Java. Lubby explicitly states the rule of course makes the conditions in the field conducive.

“we believe and believe that the government is working hard for conduciveness, this is the solution of the problem,” he concluded.