– Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) Number PM 118 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Rental Services (online taxis) will take effect this June. The regulation contains several revisions to the previous rules that were sued because they were considered burdensome for online taxi drivers.

This was stated by the Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi during the PM 118 socialization event at the Merlynn Park Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (26/2).

“(Effective) June,” said Director General Budi.

He explained, the rule is the most ideal rule because it contains the aspirations of all parties involved. The previous rules were sued 4 times.

“This is the last one in my opinion, it has been very responsive and accommodating. This regulation is actually a regulation of mutual cooperation, very responsive to the process. Now we are bottom up, how are the driver’s aspirations, we are very accommodating, the drivers, we formulate together, “he said.

He also did not rule out the possibility that some parties were still not satisfied with the new rules this time. However, the rules must be enforced immediately.

“Maybe it’s not satisfied, it’s okay for me, maybe they feel this is not appropriate. But let this apply first, walk first, later I think there are other developments, both concerning IT, systems and so on. “he said.

Previously, Director General Budi mentioned that PM 118 was also equipped with SPM (Minimum Service Standards) for online taxis.

“So that later on it also includes issues concerning the condition of the vehicle, how the driver is and also the aspects in which it contains protection regarding safety, security, and comfort of the passengers,” he said.

Some new things that have become revisions of PM 108 of which are the elimination of some rules, namely the obligation to carry out periodic testing of motorized vehicles or KIR and the use of stickers on the body of the car.

Meanwhile, there are some things that are maintained, namely regarding the rules on tariffs and quotas. “What I keep is the tariff, the quota, then the number plate marking, but that might later be from the police,” he said.

Because KIR’s obligation was eliminated, Director General Budi requested that the applicator in the future be more selective in cooperating with the driver’s partner. The applicator was asked to apply a vehicle standard that could be used to become an online taxi.

“We hope that from the applicator, we will apply a good standard, the partner must have the same age as the maintenance system. Maybe in the workshop and so on, if we can expect from the Ministry of Communication and Information, can the applicator have at least a workshop or something? , “he explained.

Apart from the condition of the vehicle, passenger and driver safety factors will also be in the spotlight. Where later the driver and passenger are required to be equipped with a panic button that can be used when in dangerous conditions.

“Safety, for example, might be a panic button for the cars used. The Panic button is for drivers and passengers, so if the driver is threatened, then turn it on, if the occupants are threatened, he must turn on, but by application. “It will include how the rule of the game is to the applicator,” he said.

The new PM has been tested publicly in several major cities, namely Makassar, Surabaya and Medan.

“In this public test I also involved representatives of alliances who joined us who we invited there and we hope they can invite their friends to convey that this is the best for all of us,” he concluded.