Online taxi driver fraud action through the game argo (horses argo) again took casualties. This time the victim was Dolly Surya who was forced to pay taxi fare as much as Rp 595.000 through credit card to travel from Kasablanka to Setia Budi, Jakarta on Tuesday (9/8/2016) night. In fact, the distance from Kasablanka to Setia Budi only takes a distance of about 4 KM only. Feeling aggrieved, Dolly who feels aggrieved by protesting through her personal twitter account “ I cheated Uber’s driver on my last trip. My tariff is supposed to be Rp 18,000, but instead it bounced to almost Rp 600 thousand ” lamented Dolly through her personal twitter account @DollySW, accompanied by mention to the account of the online taxi company.

When questioned, Dolly told that he was cheated by the taxi driver online when he wanted to travel from Mall Kasablanka to Setia Budi. At that time, the online taxi driver who was traveling did not press the End Trip button as a sign of the end of the trip. As a result, online taxi argo still running and eventually cost up to Rp 595,000. Dolly then surprised to see in the application notification mentioned that the trip ends in Serang City for almost 10 hours with 200 kM distance, which notif is also in Dolly’s screen shot Dolly via twitter account.

Feeling aggrieved, Dolly immediately sent a complaint to the taxi company online via email, but the response received is very slow. When asked by reporters, the online taxi company itself admitted that there was a mistake on the taxi driver who did not press the End Trip button. This alarming event is proof that the taxi transport security system online through its application is very weak and vulnerable to fraudulent action.

It is worth noting that the action of fraud through this fictional argo game is actually not the first time it happened. Previously, several passengers online taxi had also experienced the same thing due to tariff “argo horses” alias argo mock. “I had a few times (experienced the same incident),” said Aulia Masna one of the passenger taxi online while telling her experience to reporters. One of the online taxi driver initials ES in an interview mentions that the action of deceit – trick through fictitious argo is already often occur among the drivers – the online taxi drivers naughty. To outwit the application system, drivers usually make fictitious orders or through fellow taxi drivers online. In addition, when receiving real orders, the taxi online mischievous, usually approve and deliberately prohibit passengers so as not to use the online taxi service, but when passengers want to cancel, the naughty online taxi driver immediately press the end trip, “Usually after received order real of the customer, instantly cepet completed, push the ‘finished’ button, so as it is so , “said ES told reporters Thursday (17/09/2015) According to him, when the end trip button is pressed, the automatic balance and bonus will go into their account “Saldonya right in. No need to bother ngantar but money coming in, “he said.

Many loopholes to cheat increasingly prove that online transport services are far from the word worthy in ensuring the security and comfort of passengers. It also at once denied the claims of the officials of the online taxi company that the transportation service provided it meets the standards of passenger safety and comfort. Thus, the government’s attitude to crack down on the existence of online taxis that ignore the security and comfort of passengers today should be done immediately to protect the community. So that later, not found again the next victims who mostly experienced by the community.