Muhamad Sanusi before joining Frasindo as a driver’s partner, he was previously a Grabbike driver. Armed with experience as an online motorcycle taxi he applied to the company as an online taxi driver. Seeing the seriousness and background finally Sanusi accepted as a driver partner. He is committed to running two years of employment contact but has been running for several months since Sanusi’s behavior began to change.

He is less responsible in the work, often got input from customers to be able to provide better service. The peak of Sanusi’s mischievous behavior when carrying a vehicle in a reckless manner and ultimately leads to an accident causing the car to become damaged. In the condition of damaged car Sanusi ask his friend to deliver the car and put it in the workshop-partner without giving confirmation to the company and run-away.

On the attitude of Sanusi the company requested responsibility to solve the problems that have been caused by it. But instead of responsible Sanusi instead run away and move shelter. Because of the losses caused by it then the company puts Sanusi as driver who is on the black list and provide information to all companies in the field of transportation services, especially online vehicle procurement company or car rental to be more careful with Sanusi.